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JP Saxe – Soft Landing

For a second the dysfunction felt romantic Three years in and I can’t stand it Fell for your mystery, your reckless abandon Now I’d prefer …

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JVNA – Sins

When will i redeem my sins? Bathing for my innocence Underwater where i hide Can’t reveal how i’m inside When will i redeem my sins? …

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JVNA – 18

Welcome to the land of dreams Where women bow down to their kings We’re talking shit Mouth full of feet We all want to be …

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JVNA – Dystopia

JVNA - Dystopia

Hysteria Is breaking down our order Deleria I feel it crawling through me Spikes in my brain Can’t sleep at night when chaos awakes I’m …

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JVNA – True Colors

Looking in your eyes Slow dancing in my room clockwise My mind is drifting off I’m injected with butterflies I’m tripping out every single Detail …

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JVNA – Fly

Sunday evening Dogs on my bed I’m laying on a book half read I’m think about A new tomorrow One that doesn’t kill my flow …

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Anggi Marito – Cara Mencintaimu

Berjuang untuk di hatimu Di kala ku harus berkorban Tuk dapatkan cintamu Tuk dapatkan hatimu Seutuhnya Bertahan untuk di hatimu Di kala ku harus mengalah …

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