Romantic Echoes – I’m Down

“I’m Down”

(feat. Pamungkas)

I need to loosen up
Oh I need to live it up
This wave of emotion
I’m crying in the open
I’m crying and it’s frozen cold
Without you
Flowing shots without you
I’m down
I’m down

Somebody flush me out
Please, somebody, take me out
Milky way of your lovin’
Burn me out like the oven
Burn me out like it’s flaming hot
Without you
Like I just cannot
Without you
I’m down
I’m down

I wish you a good, good life
A love that stays
May your pain fades away
And all the nicest things a day could bring
May you find it okay
Accept it all the way
And live with peace today

Cure my heart
If you please
So the heartache
Slowly decreased
Wanna be alright
I wanna be alright
My love
I’m down

Although sometimes in love; it hurts
An arrow thru the hearts
But maybe it’s for the better
We loved each other
Not the way we wanted it
Can’t do shit about it
I’m down

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