Reza Darmawangsa & Mirriam Eka - date?

"date? (jadian?)"

Sitting on the corner of a bus stop with you
I don’t feel like going home cuz you feel like home
we look at the pouring rain under the streetlights
a beautiful sight nobody cares but it caught our eyes

Put my playlist on a shuffle but,
every song leads back to you
too many days we spent together,
that I couldn’t find one without you

sometimes I wish I could be there on your tiring days
so you can lay on my shoulder
Life so perfect it’s too good to be true
then I realized that I’m still just a friend to you

Oh I’m such a fool to feel okay in this situation
What if this silly romance scene was just a work of my imagination
is it really necessary to let you know about my feelings?
to tell that I love you and ask why don’t we just date?

kenapa gak jadian?
kenapa gak jadian?
kenapa nggak jadian aja?