YFN Lucci - Lucci 1Da

Said uh, look
Ayy, I been seein' things, huh
Murder on my mind, I'm tryna ease the pain, huh
I know small things, I shouldn't entertain
I done spent your life savings on my wedding ring
I ain't married to nobody, I'm married to the game
Huh, uh, can't be scared to change, it's just growing pains, huh
When I lost you, I lost everything, yeah
Long live Nut, he taught me everything, yeah
I just gotta be a sponge around everything, I know how to work
Before I sit up and be broke, I'm gon' work, huh
I know everybody ain't gon' be there, my family gon' be there
Said Lil Ju and Boppo, they gon' be there, uh
If it's 'bout some paper, then you know we there, yeah, yeah
You talkin' 'bout smoke, then we gon' inhale, hell yeah
These niggas, they act better than Denzel
Cap better than Ezel, gettin' snapback in my V12
Plus they heard you got shot and you ain't clap back, you too shell
Heard you want beef, nigga, we don't rap battle, we shoot shells
You heard I fucked your bitch and you don't like me, nigga, oh well
A nigga fucked my bitch, I fucked his bitch, nigga, I'm too player
I like 'em playin' in that pussy the way I'm playin' with this cheese
He was playin' pussy, left him layin' in the street
A whole hundred bands'll have 'em banned from the streets
I can't stand no lil' nigga who want everything free
Uh, uh, talkin' like you God, get deceased, huh
You workin' with the law, boy, I peep that, yeah
We gon' show you boys 'bout this beef shit, yeah
We gon' show you boys 'bout this beef shit