YSR Gramz & YN Jay - LaMelo Ball

(Oooh, Sav killed it)

[Verse 1: YSR Gramz]
Brodie came through with the bag, he like Santa Claus
You better use your muthafuckin' head, before I take it off
If you ain't never got it out the mud, you is not a boss
I always had a smile on my face when I took a loss
Niggas always tryna be your friend when you takin' off
Smokin' on exotic ass weed, it just made me cough
I don't even gotta do shit, but just make a call
If you shoot 100-somethin' shots, would you make 'em all?

[Verse 2: YN Jay]
If I look down from the top, would that make me fall?
Bitch text my phone 20 times, would that make me call?
No, I don't think—alright
If I cross him over, James Harden, I can make him fall
If I put Spaulding in your hands, I can make him ball
Aye, if I stand on my money, it can make me tall
I might fuck around and tip over, it might make me fall
I can see the money so damn close, it's finna make me jog
Bro put a silencer on the (Pew!), I can make leaves fall
I don't never go to sleep, I can't dream at all
Damn, I think I need some auto tune, I can't sing at all

[Verse 3: YSR Gramz]
Nigga got a gun, he actin' like he can't bleed at all
Your head fucked up, you'll probably leave your dawg
Dawg walked up on me wrong, he got beat in the mall
She like "Why you ain't answer your phone? You ain't see my call?"
When them niggas took the fuck off, they ain't see me dog
He the type to shake a nigga hand, but don't wanna see him ball
My nigga called me with some nice P's, I wanna buy 'em all
I threw the bag to all of my niggas, I'm like Chris Paul
You really wanna be a millionaire, take a risk dawg
You walk around this bitch ass backwards, you crisscross
I'm at a label meeting, that's rich talk
You out here steady buyin' fake shit, you gettin' ripped off

[Verse 4: YN Jay]
If I hung out with LaMelo, would that make me Ball?
Nigga, you ain't do that bullshit, that can't be dawg
Nigga had some bullshit, (Shhh, aye) that can't be dawg
Luch' really got straight drop, make your auntie fall
I be really hoopin' with my family, let my auntie ball
I be tryna fuck your mama sister, let your auntie call
Oh, she bought a new crib? Knock down auntie walls
I ain't know I'm—Ahhhh!
I ain't know my fiend had a twin, like this can't be Paul
How the fuck you thick with no ass? You got auntie draws
I just spent 100,000 shopping, like I hate the mall
I ain't let my Pit off the leash, like I hate my dog