YFN Lucci - Wish Me Well 3 Coming

Look, now and days my money longer than pannochio, nose
I remember when we used to fold, fold
I gotta hunnid ways to get the dough
Trick a nigga out his jewelry boy you been a hoe
R.I.P my nigga Pat from the N.O
I just gotta stay strapped that's me M.O
I ain't never learn how to adapt around no weirdos
We gone turn yo big homie, bitch you took willow
He ain't gone let me get my rocks off what you here foe
Cross a nigga like hot sauce for a kilo
Last chain that a nigga bought was a kilo
Fell in love with strip club cause of Kilo
Nasty dime, they said they want smoke why you asking for cancer
Pull up in a ghost I need to name this bit casper
You ain't never sold soap but you claim you a trapper
Every opp hoe I done had her
Someone sticking dick in her bladder
See a crown vic we skiddadle
See a opp bitch we get active
Hit a top pick we gone draft him
Nah I ain't gotta get up outta character
Dope money, show money, slow money better than no money
Now I gotta closet full of old money
Used to be my dog now you dissing niggas, so funny
I was gone let that shit live but you know what
They said we hit up they crib nigga so what
I pull up in all types of whips and you know it
It ain't nun to get a nigga zipped and you know it
That sticks got some tits on that bitch and its going
Name a strand off yo home boy
All that pain I got no heart
We put K's in our goyard
Cartier frames I look so smart
First day she came I got brain that bit so smart
Drive a hurricane in the rain like a go kart
Fuck her til she came on the gang im a pornstar
Look never used to own star, I know that im going far
Never used the long ???
Tell me why these niggas quick to show they hand
Once you crossed the line, then that's where you standing
I got murder on my mind im just saying but im tryna get rich as i can
I can't be tripping off bitches i had
When that money came in, it got good it got bad
If it ain't about a dollar, my daughter, my son, my mom, my pops then miss me with that
Look, I just got that cutless, now i got my seat back
I wanna see my brother win, best believe that
Where the cheese at, fettuchini
I said get a nigga whacked, they ain't even see that , coming
Tried to tell them niggas wish me well 3 coming
I tried to tell them niggas wish me well 3 coming