Qveen Herby - Farewell Lyrics


Who the fuck is this brand new lookin bitch I see
In the mirror just caught her staring back at me
Come to think of it I been realizing things
Outgrew my shell now I wanna grow some wings

I been stupid I been foolish tried to keep it down
Had myself an intervention aired my whole shit out
See this new horizon in my life and I say wow
Things that were so quiet in me now I say it loud

All focus all belief I’m goin in on me
I’m only movin forward
Why is it hard to see that sexy future me
I’m steady letting go for

So I tell myself
I don’t need a magazine screaming praise for me
Just to know my wealth
I’m not into gambling but I bet on me
When I hear that bell
Know it’s time to switch the vibe, leave the girl behind
That I know so well
So I say farewell

I’m so grateful cuz she taught me to know my worth
And move out the road things that do no longer serve
Come to think of it shit was getting on my nerves
Bitch you really did start a fire let it burn

Never know you’re capable if you do not evolve
Right before you start to walk all bitches have to crawl
Give yourself some credit self improvement takes some balls
Try to trust the process and be present for it all