Taiwan MC - Hot Today Lyrics

Hot Today

Gyal you’re so hot today
Me know why we’re there
Make we cool it just like lemonade
Gyal you so hot today
It’s a holiday
Mek we cool it
hot today, we know why we’re there 

So many pretty girls in da club somebody ring the alarm
So many hottie girls in da club its like a tropical storm
I am the X man, I come with the original hot song
The lyrics dem make me rich man
Me come in da place with no wristband no
We see di gal dem a respond
When dem hear di number 1 sound
Pon di land & pon di island
You know di vibes nah wrong

Yes you know you a di champion bubbler
aint no competition
Anytime you wine it a danger
Yes you set di area pon fire
Hot body gyal dem in a London in a Paris or in a Jam 1
A who dem want ? The ruff wine don !

Gyal you hotter dan pepper
Hotter dan faya
gyal you hotter dan a Volcano ,
Bada dan dem di wholadem gone
We know you run di show

my Gyal you 
sweeter dan sugar
hotter dan spice
we no need no water no
Need no water  you so nice
So nice I gotta say it twice
I didn’t want feel in love
but with you it so easy
Gyal you know u so hot baby   you extra ordinary
when you move you body well you make me feel so irie

galang gyal shake dat ting mek it swing

Gyal you sweeter dan di honey, gyal you hotta dan di pepper I’m in love
Anytime I see u buss a wine pon di sweet rubadub
Gyal you’re sweeter than di honey gal you’re hotter dan di pepper I’m in love
Anytime I see you buss a sweat pon di sweet rubadub
Riyal its so hot
Gyal you so fresh,
Gyal its so hot

 You’re fresh, you’re fresh, you’re fresh
 So cool, So cool, So cool