US Rapper Pop Smoke Killed Shot in Hollywood Hills

Newcomer rapper Pop Smoke was killed at a Hollywood Hills, California, residence on Wednesday (2/19).

According to several sources speaking to NBC and TMZ said that the man whose real name was Bashar Jackson was killed by being shot.

About two men entered the residence wearing hoodies and masks and then fired several shots at him. The rapper was rushed to a hospital in West Hollywood by ambulance.

But unfortunately, his life could not be helped. He was declared dead at a hospital on Wednesday morning.

The two men have yet to be arrested. The 20-year-old rapper is enjoying success from the album that was just released last July.

Reported by The Guardian, police are still tracking the whereabouts of the suspect. Earlier, on Tuesday, Smoke posed for Instagram photos holding a pile of money in a luxury SUV in Los Angeles.

Allegedly, the robbery occurred because a friend posted photos outside Smoke's house with the address number visible. Causing fears that the house was then subject to robbery.

Smoke's career began to take off after the song was popular and was named as one of the most promising youngest rapper in the US.

He has also collaborated with other well-known rapper including Travis Scott, Nicki Minaj, Skepta and Quavo, and videos to his flagship song Welcome to the Party have been watched 23 million times on YouTube.

Her album Meet the Woo 2 reached No. 7 on the US charts when it was released earlier this month.