Trump Departs to Mt. Rushmore Amid Controversy

President Donald Trump left on Friday for Mount Rushmore, where he will lead the US Independence Day celebrations which will feature fireworks for the first time in more than a decade in a national park in South Dakota.

"There will be a fireworks display as few people see. "It will be very interesting," Trump said at an event at the White House on Thursday. The Mount Rushmore National Monument is a giant sculpture that features the faces of four American presidents, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln, carved into granite mountains.

This will be the first fireworks display at Mount Rushmore since 2010, when the National Park Service stopped such a party for fear it might trigger a forest fire. This monument is surrounded by 486 hectares of forested land and is located near the Black Elk Wilderness in the Black Hills National Forest.

Last April, the Park Service prepared an environmental analysis and concluded that fireworks would not "have a significant impact."

Trump's visit took place amid national debates over monuments honoring American leaders, who owned slaves or had racist views. Universities and local governments across the country removed controversial monuments, at a time when many Americans rallied to find ways to overcome systemic racism, after the death of George Floyd, a black man, in police custody last May.

The president continues to oppose demonstrators who want to get rid of the statue of Confederate leaders and figures who support slavery and white supremacy. Trump signed an executive order in June governing federal law enforcement agencies to process the law of people who destroy federal monuments.

Choosing Mount Rushmore as a backdrop for this year's Independence Day celebration is a political strategy that clearly stems from debates about monuments, said Vanessa Beasley, who teaches about the president's rhetoric at Vanderbilt University.

"Trump is basically trying to say to his supporting base; "Hey, if you don't like what happened with the monuments, I'm going to the biggest and least movable monument, and I'll claim it," Beasley told VOA. "I don't think there are any ambiguous or ambiguous statements in the message."

While the US is facing an increase in new cases of the corona virus, with an 80 percent increase in the past two weeks, health officials are urging Americans to stay home on July 4, a holiday that is usually celebrated with large parties and marches in cities .

"The safest choice for this holiday is to celebrate at home," the Oregon Health Authority said in a press statement.

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem of the Republican party, which is working with the government to hold celebrations in Mount Rushmore, said on Monday that masks would be provided but social distancing would not be applied.

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