Lyrics Sueco the Child - Smackdown ft. Tokyo's Revenge


smack down vs. raw
i don’t drink no henny i be sipping white claw
drip underwater like jaws
someone get they daughter got my dick up in her jaw
emo bitch wearing docs imma hit in my crocs off top
everybody thinking that i’m something that i’m not
old heads try to tell me how to do my job
she gave no head got her uber waiting round the block

andre the giant 3000
whole lotta fat bitches on a dick diet
well rounded
skinny pockets till i got the pounds in
i was looking for the plug till i found him
that’s me
that’s the man in the mirror
harry potter magic had to make the bands appear
i wonder who would need me if the money wasn’t here
lotta people changing up a lot could happen in a year
i hit his bitch 69 ways
that’s the reason that he looking at me sideways
fine wine cheap wine do the same thing
when i wake up in the morning feel my head bang

dick with a beam on it got a point just like it's tosh
butterfly doors on the whip they wonder what it cost
and we walking around with six fours like randy moss
and they always gon find me keeping a drake just like i'm josh
aye, wrap my dick round her throat now she choking while poking it
man i'm focusing
buying the fucking condoms to open it
man these niggas is bogus
hocus pocus to dispose of him
but imma shoot till my thumbnail look crazy, david dobrik
that boy don't miss two straight girls they both kiss
flow so sick, told caitlyn jenner to grow dick
i'm the dopest like i just lined up a coke sniff
she swallow the whole *bleep*
now i can't have no kids, imma