Fox News Fires Ed Henry Over Sexual Misconduct Claim

A legal advisor for the veteran Washington reporter and stay said Mr. Henry "is sure that he are getting the chance to be vindicated."

Fox News has terminated Ed Henry, one of the system's most unmistakable Washington-based columnists, after a previous representative at the link news channel blamed him for sexual wrongdoing, the system said on Wednesday.

In a reminder to staff, Fox News administration said it got an objection a week ago charging that Mr. Henry had occupied with "unyielding sexual unfortunate behavior inside the working environment years prior." The system held an outside firm to audit the case.

"In view of insightful discoveries, Ed has been ended," the system's CEO, Suzanne Scott, and its leader and official supervisor, Jay Wallace, composed inside the reminder.

A legal advisor for Mr. Henry, Catherine Foti, said on Wednesday evening that the stay denied the case against him.

"Ed Henry denies the charges referenced inside the Fox declaration and is sure that he are getting the opportunity to be vindicated after a full hearing in a fitting gathering," Ms. Foti composed during an official statement .

Mr. Henry's unexpected takeoff was a deplorable reverberation of Fox News' previous battles with wrong work environment conduct by star faculty. Its originator, Roger E. Ailes, and hence the prime-time star Bill O'Reilly were both constrained from the system after various allegations of sexual unfortunate behavior.

Mr. Henry, 48, who showed up from CNN in 2011, was a previous boss White House reporter at Fox News, known for his spruce appearance and forceful inclusion of President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. He was additionally a well known figure in Washington media hovers, filling in as leader of the White House Correspondents' Association and acquiring praises in 2018 for a hard meeting with Scott Pruitt, President Trump's ecological assurance boss, who later surrendered.

Until a week ago, Mr. Henry was a co-grapple for "America's Newsroom," a morning broadcast. He was suspended last Thursday after Fox News got the protest.

The representative is spoken to by Douglas H. Wigdor, a noticeable legal counselor who has sued Fox News in the interest of a few workers in offense cases. Mr. Wigdor declined to remark further on Wednesday about his customer's charges or about Mr. Henry's excusal.

A representative for Mr. Henry's distributer, William Morrow, said on Wednesday that it'd not discharge the stay's up and coming diary, "Sparing Colleen." The book, about Mr. Henry's choice to give a zone of his liver to his sister, had been planned for September. William Morrow could likewise be an auxiliary of HarperCollins, which, similar to Fox News, is constrained by the Murdoch family.

In 2016, Mr. Henry had to require a leave from Fox News after a few sensationalist newspapers announced that he had occupied with an extramarital relationship with a lady he had met in Las Vegas . At that point, Mr. Ailes said the scene raised "genuine inquiries on Ed's absence of judgment," and Mr. Henry was deprived of his assignments covering the White House and Mrs. Clinton's presidential battle.

Mr. Henry came back to the system a couple of months after the fact as its central national reporter. He likewise filled in as a co-stay on a few end of the week appears before being elevated in December to a full-time grapple space at "America's Newsroom."

Fox News has portrayed endeavors to upgrade its HR division and change its work environment culture. In her reminder on Wednesday, Ms. Scott said she was reporting Mr. Henry's excusal "in an exertion toward full straightforwardness given the fluctuated moves we've made to strengthen the way of life here in the course of the most recent four years."

"We will keep endeavoring to require care of a safe and comprehensive work environment for all representatives," she included.

Fox News declined to distinguish the firm that had explored the cases against Mr. Henry. Ms. Scott wrote in her notice that the firm had not recently spoken to the system in suit or interior examinations.

Mr. Henry's previous co-stay, Sandra Smith, reported his terminating on "America's Newsroom" on Wednesday, telling watchers, "After an ongoing case and examination including sexual unfortunate behavior inside the working environment, Ed has been ended from Fox News." A substitution grapple has not yet been named.