Displaying a Sitemap on AMP HTML Blogger Static Pages

What is a sitemap?

A sitemap is one a part of a blog that's quite important and is one among the SEO elements of a blog. A sitemap here may be a page that displays site maps or table of contents for blog visitors in order that it makes it easier for visitors to look at or look for blog content.

One way to display the blog sitemap is to use a script, for that the sitemap can't be stored directly on the HTML AMP Blogger page because it'll cause an AMP error on the page.

For that reason, a method to display a sitemap on a Blogger AMP HTML static page is to use an amp-iframe by first hosting the sitemap during a third party in order that it are often loaded with an amp-iframe.

But as we all know that to display the amp-iframe must be stored 70% of the highest fringe of the screen, otherwise the amp-iframe won't appear on the blog.

For this reason, i have been checking out a secure thanks to be ready to display an amp-iframe without having to possess a high limit for storing an amp-iframe. in order that way we will display the sitemap on the Blogger AMP HTML static page by using an amp-iframe that's stored above the Blogger AMP static page post.

And finally I found a secure thanks to display an amp-iframe without having to save lots of 70% of the highest fringe of the screen. That is, we will use the image as a placeholder which presses the iframe further down.

As a demo to display the sitemap on a static Blogger AMP HTML page by using an amp-iframe as follows:


Well if you furthermore may want to undertake to form a blog sitemap on a Blogger AMP HTML static page, please use the subsequent code and paste it within the static page HTML mode for a Sitemap.

<amp-iframe title="Sitemap"src="https://cdn.statically.io/gh/KompiAjaib/kompi-html/master/sitemaps_amp2.html?url=https://www.lyricsrp.com/&feedorder=Sort%20articles%20by&feedselect=latest%20article&feedselectupdate=Last%20updated%20article&labelsorter=Filter%20articles%20by%20category:&feedq=Search%20for%20articles%20by%20keywords:&feedqtext=Type%20and%20press%20ENTER...&navText=Show%20the%20next%20article&resetToc=Back%20to%10the%20beginning&loading=Load...&counting=Loading%20article...&searching=Looking for...&resultText=Search%20results%20for%20keywords&total=Total&artikel=Article&result=Hasil&selectlabel=Select%20a%20category..."
              sandbox="allow-forms allow-scripts allow-same-origin allow-modals allow-popups">
    <amp-img src="https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-rRo__E6FsPs/Ws7U-IT8KNI/AAAAAAAAw_Q/qCwa6vKHgTIB-ytesdA4FlKrXMRYt5NMACLcBGAs/s1600/placeholder.png"

Please replace the URL https://www.lyricsrp.com/ with the URL of your blog and therefore the blog must already be using HTTPS.

This trick also can display anything on the page with amp-iframe. Good luck and hopefully useful.