Charlotte Lawrence - Slow Motion Lyrics

The colors are fading out
Is it quiet where you’re sleeping?
Your records, my empty house,
I wish I knew what you were feeling.
Fighting every instinct
while you hold your pride.
Back to the beginning,
it swallows my mind.
You’re all that I think about,
I even see you when I’m dreaming.

I wish that I could hate you but baby
I wish that when I left you’da chased me
I didn’t wanna change but you made me
Now you’re tellin all your friends that I’m crazy

I don’t believe that you ever really loved me
I made believe that you cared when you touched me
I know that I’ll be moving on
In slow motion

I’ve never been good with words,
but you didn’t try to listen.
Could call but
I won’t be the first
to remind you what you’re missing.

Fighting every instinct
while you hold you pride.
Back to the beginning
It swallows my mind.
You never learned how to hurt,
but I didn’t try to fix it.

I need you more when you are not around, not around.
Maybe I crave the way you let me down, let me down.
I think I want you more than I need ya
avoid the places I see ya.
Killing me slow, killing me slowly