Not Taylor Swift, this is the richest singer in the world in 2020

Lyricsrp - Forbes magazine released the most expensive musician and singer in the world. This year, the most expensive paid musician goes to Kim Kardashian's husband, Kanye West.

Not only the richest musician, Kanye West is also in second place to rank the most expensive celebrity as a whole in the world.

According to the Forbes report, West in this year successfully filled his coffers up to US $ 179 million. Then followed musician Elton John, who was ranked 13th overall with an income of US $ 81 million.

The third highest earning musician is Ariana Grande, who is the highest ranked female musician with an income of US $ 72 million. Next is the Jonas Brothers with an income of US $ 68.5 million.

The treasures they collected together at a time the music industry had never predicted before. Most of their income comes from tour income, which is likely not to increase this year.

For Kanye West, turnover comes from its popular shoe line, Yeezy.

Here is a complete list of Forbes World (2020) most cuan musicians:

1. Kanye West US$ 179 juta (Rp 2,3 triliun)
2. Elton John US$ 81 juta (Rp 1,1 triliun)
3. Ariana Grande US$ 72 juta (Rp 1 triliun)
4. Jonas Brothers US$ 68,5 juta (Rp 965 miliar)
5. Chainsmokers US$ 68 juta (Rp 958 miliar)
6. Ed Sheeran US$ 64 juta (Rp 902 miliar)
7. Taylor Swift US$ 63,5 juta (Rp 894 miliar)
8. Posting Malone US$ 60 juta (Rp 844 miliar)
9. Rolling Stones US$ 59 juta (Rp 830 miliar)
10. Marshmello US$ 56 juta (Rp 788 miliar)
11. Shawn Mendes US$ 54,5 juta (Rp 767 miliar)
12. Jay-Z US$ 53,5 juta (Rp 753 miliar)
13. Billie Eilish US$ 53 juta (Rp 744 miliar)
14. BTS US$ 50 juta (Rp 702 miliar)
15. Drake US$ 49 juta (Rp 688 miliar)
16.Jennifer Lopez US$ 47,5 juta (Rp 688 miliar)
17.Merah muda US$ 47 juta (Rp 660 miliar)
18.Rihanna US$ 46 juta (Rp 646 miliar)
19.Luke Bryan US$ 45,5 juta (Rp 639 miliar)
20.Backstreet Boys US$ 45 juta (Rp 632 miliar)
21.Phil Collins US$ 45 juta (Rp 632 miliar)
22.Blake Shelton US$ 43,5 juta (Rp 612 miliar)
23.Celine Dion US$ 42 juta (Rp 591 miliar)
24.The Eagles US$ 41 juta (Rp 577 miliar)
25.Metallica US$ 40,5 juta (Rp 570 miliar)