Hypnotherapist Salary

Hypnotherapist - Has anyone ever heard of, or know about hypnotherapists?

Maybe 10 years ago, I had attended a hypnotherapist training / seminar

Cost .. Also quite large, just for introduction ... That's Rp. 1M, at that time
It starts at 9-5 pm
There's a break at 12

And there is a more complete stage
If I'm not mistaken 3 days training
It costs 5 million if I'm not mistaken.

Well, this hypnotherapist, is the science of hypnosis for health and psychology

Here we are taught ways to speak, stages, as well as the ability to form sentence suggestions

So ... this hypnotherapy science
Can be used to change thinking patterns, can also behavior, habits, and even nature.

Every human being has a name that is unconscious and the unconscious.

The work of the heart, when we move reflexively,
That's what the subconscious does.

A child is always said dwarfed .. "You are lazy, stupid and so on" negative words,
That will gradually be recorded in his subconscious
And will really be lazy, and stupid

For entertainment
When someone
In suggestion with the words "I'm strong, my muscles are strong, I'm used to hard work, I can drive a car"

That, if this suggestion works
Then the subconscious will rightly do even affect physical strength, so that it can drive the car.

The conclusion

In fact
If the science of hynotherapist is really developed
This can help people with problems
Phobias, trauma, strange ways of thinking

Fear of certain animals, habits of drinking, gambling, smoking
Like corruption, robbers, drugs,
Lesbi, gay

This can be cured with the science of Hypnotherapist

But what I do know is that there is a hypnotherapy consultation
That's the hourly fee
While theraphy must be done repeatedly
In order to be truly settled and become an attitude, permanent thinking changes.