7 Resources Stocks Learning How To Invest


Stocks Learning How To Invest - Many fellow traders and investors who want to start learning stocks, or who already have trading experience of several months to 1 year, but still cannot make profits in stocks.

Yep, not a few stock traders who have not been able to make consistent profits in stocks because traders do not understand how to analyze stocks to choose profitable stocks. Many traders are still looking for references to add knowledge, as well as trading and investment analysis.

There are 7 sources of stock learning knowledge that can improve your understanding so you can analyze shares, trade stocks and make consistent profits. You might consider studying shares from the following 7 sources:

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1. Stock trading books / ebooks

Books that discuss trading and stock investing can add to your knowledge for learning stocks. But not all stock books / ebooks are suitable for trading practice.

You should be able to choose stock books / ebooks that lead directly to a simple trading strategy, so that you can apply directly to trading and choose potential stocks.

So with the stock book, you can practice trading and not just learn theory. On the Stock Gain web, you can also get trading ebooks and stock investments that lead directly to trading practices and strategies that are easy to apply for all levels of traders, from beginners - experts.

So this stock ebook contains a full technical analysis strategy, stock screening, swing trading, intraday trading, and of course you can apply directly to choose profitable stocks.

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2. Blog or share learning website

Currently there are many blogs or websites that discuss knowledge and learning shares that you can access for free. If you want to increase stock knowledge, you can search and learn websites that discuss learning about stocks, trading & investing.

One of the most complete stock learning websites you can learn on this stockgain.com web. There is a lot of writing about the decline in shares ranging from beginner level, stock analysis, market reviews to stock list list that you can access for free.

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3. Stock seminars

Following the stock seminar can be an option to increase stock learning knowledge. Nowadays there are lots of seminars about stocks. But to take part in a stock seminar, you also need to select a useful stock seminar.

Tips from me, choose a stock seminar that really provides stock education. Avoid seminars with titles that are too bombastic and unrealistic, for example:
  • Join a technical analysis trading seminar in 5 minutes
  • Join the seminar on how to profit 25% in a short time
  • Attend a seminar on how to profit in stocks overnight
Do not let you waste millions or even tens of millions to buy seminars, which in the end only tells you to take part in more expensive seminars. Though the money should be used for your trading capital.

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4. Youtube shares

You can also use Youtube shares as a tool to learn about shares. You can choose stock materials that fit your character (regarding learning beginners or trading or investing stocks), as your complement to increase stock knowledge.

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5. Share groups

Stock groups can increase your knowledge to learn shares, because in the stock group, many traders who share knowledge and trading experience. However, just as you attend a stock seminar, you must also be selective in choosing groups to study shares.

You also need to know, many stock groups are 'infiltrated' by the stock market, and many stock groups often spread fear when the stock market is falling. So you have to choose a stock group that can truly provide trading / investment knowledge for you personally.

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6. People who have more experience in stock

Learn a lot from people who have experience in stocks, whether your broker, or maybe you have an acquaintance of traders who have been trading for years, you can learn a lot from them.

I personally when I was a beginner also gained a lot of stock trading knowledge from friends who had more experience and learned a lot from my broker at the securities office. This method is very effective to increase your source of knowledge about stocks.

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7. Practices Self-Taught Trading

These points you really need to practice, namely self-taught trading practices. Your trading knowledge will increase over time if you practice your own ways to analyze, choose stocks and trade independently.

Every stock analysis, observing the market, buying shares, are all part of the stock learning process. This is where you can get a lot of stock knowledge, from how to choose the right stock, to the criteria for good stocks to buy.

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So, through the stock ebook, website, people who have experience, this will make it easier for you to apply it to trading practices.

This is often forgotten by most stock traders, because not a few traders and investors who want to get instant profits without practice and analyze stocks independently.

Yet to increase knowledge in stocks, one of the keys is that you have to learn it yourself by learning self-taught stocks.

Those are 7 sources of stock knowledge that you can use to make you more proficient (able to make profits) in stock trading.

"Bung Heze, of the many sources of stock learning knowledge, which option is the best stock learning knowledge according to Bung Heze?" Ask you.

This answer is certainly varied. But based on personal experience, studying stocks through stock books, stock websites, from people who have more experience and practice independent trading is the best way I can do so that I can make profits on stocks.

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