Lyrics UMI - Open Up

"Open Up"

I shouldn’t lie to you 
It wouldn’t be nice to you 
If I wasn’t being myself yeah 
Why I’m so scared of myself yeah 

I couldn’t fight the truth 
I wasn't getting over you 
I shouldn’t run from the bad times 
I should just work on my bad side 

Don’t let go 
Of what’s in front of me 
The pain in my soul 
Is making it hard to breathe 
And I should’ve known 
That I’m still the older me 
See my journey onward  
Sojourn home 

I didn’t mean to break your trust 
I didn’t mean to make this tough 
I’m scared im gonna pass you up 
I really wanna show you love

Maybe who I be is enough 
Maybe all I need is a hug 
Know I never mean to fuck it up 
Maybe I just need to open up

No more goodbye 
I’m scared to make you cry 
Can’t you look you in the eye 
I prayed for peace of mind 

And I shouldn’t lie 
I’m scared this isn’t right 
I ain’t used to nice 
I ain’t used to nice guys