How to Enable the Messaging Feature on Google My Business

Google Maps navigation service is one of Google's products that allows users to navigate to a place that they want to go to. In addition, Google Maps also has an application that we can download on Playstore or Applestore
Along with the development of google maps, now this application is not only able to navigate, with the Google Maps application, users can find places that are managed by business owners, such as restaurants, cafes, shops, tourist destinations, service services and so forth.

After a while ago Google Maps launched the follow feature "follow"
Now the navigation application from Google is releasing a new feature, Google My Business Messaging
With this Messaging feature users can easily send messages directly to the manager / owner of the business.

In application updates users can use the messaging feature in the latest version.
Quoted in the official google page, users can send messages and reply messages directly with business owners in real time using their google profile.

This messaging feature can be owned by business owners who have already been verified and not activated by default, after the business owner activates this message feature, the Message icon will appear in the Google search results and also Google maps.
So it will be easy for consumers or business followers to interact directly with business owners.

How to Enable the Google My Business Messaging Feature

This time I will show you how to activate and use the message feature on Google.
To activate the messaging feature for having this business, first make sure you download the Google My Business app at Play Store or Apple Store. By downloading the Google application you can easily reply to messages from consumers and will immediately get notifications from the Google My Business application.
After you download the Google My Business application, here are the steps:

1. Open the Google My Business app after logging in with the Google account that is connected to Google My Business, select which business you want to activate (if you manage a lot of businesses)
After logging in now select the Customer menu, then click Message and click Activate Messaging Feature
Like the picture below

2. After activating a notification will appear stating the message feature was successfully activated

3. Then you can also edit the welcome message to consumers or automatic replies to customers who send messages to you
Click Edit in the Message options section and adjust the welcome message, after adjusting, click Save

Display Business Messeging on Google Search

After activating the message feature on Google My Business, now listening to your business on Google will display a message icon on Google search and also the Google Maps application
The following is the appearance of the business in Google search results

There you can see the message icon on the menu and also in the business details section

Display Messaging on Google Maps

This Google Messaging feature also appears on google maps, when users want to make a message to the business owner, a message icon will also appear in the listening menu and also under the business details.
Users can easily choose the profile of a business party that appears on the map, then the user will get the option of sending a message.
The following is the display of business messaging on Google Maps

After you have successfully activated messaging in business listening on Google My Business you will also get messages from Google

There will also show a notification stating responding to customer messages within 24 hours, so that this message feature appears / notices to customers with a fast response from customers.

  • Note this message feature can be disabled if the business owner does not quickly respond to messages from customers within the specified time period and to display it again the business owner must re-activate it in the Google My Business app

Now here is an easy way to activate the messaging feature on Google Business for business owners who have already been verified

good luck

Oh yes, it also needs to remember if business owners want to get messages through Google search and Google Maps, they are required to install the Google My Business application on the smartphone found in PlayStore and Apple Store.

In my opinion this message feature is like whatsapp the difference is this Google Business message uses a Google account


By activating the messaging feature on Google Business, there are two parties that benefit, namely the business owner who provides goods or services, as well as users who easily make messages to the business owner.
With so high interest in consumers all shopping activities will be felt easier with the existence of this message feature.