Lyrics Miquela - Speak Up

You never say how you really feel
How can I know if this thing is real 
Is it all in my head
Am I making it up 
Am I thinking too much 
I know that part of the blame is mine
I ain't been saying what's on my mind 
I been hiding so much 
Ain't been honest enough 
Scared of opening up 
Why can't I just say it 
Cause even if it's just in my mind 
My heart is still hurting so I 
Know I should just swallow my pride 
My pride 
Speak up 
Cause I can't keep this up ya 
I Need ya 
So tell me 
what you want 
cause I've had 
Stop saying what I wanna hear 
if you're breaking my heart do it sooner than later 
Speak up 
Hoping that I didn't waste my time
Been to cold with you stead of real with you
Should of
Poured it all out 
Let you see all my doubts 
Let you know that I'm down